Solar Ship Inc. builds aircraft called solarships to service remote areas, most of which have no roads. The solarship is a hybrid aircraft, gaining lift from both buoyant gas and aerodynamics. Its wing-ship design allows for extreme short takeoff and landing (XSTOL), such as in a soccer field. Its design provides a large surface area for solar electric power, allowing long, self- sufficient range. A solarship does not need to be solar powered and can be powered by traditional combustion. However, the goal is to develop a new mode of transportation that does not depend on fossil fuels, roads, or runways. The solarship can access areas where planes, trucks, ships and airships cannot, delivering cargo to the places that are currently cut off from the benefits of the connected world. Each aircraft is designed and built to the requirements of a mission. Currently, there are three initial missions with specific requirements.

Caracal Critical Cargo for Disaster Relief

Payloadmin. 200 kg
Rangemin. 200 km
STOL Able to takeoff and land from a soccer field.

The purpose of the Caracal is to provide a critical cargo service linking a remote region to global supplies.

The operating focus is central Africa. Solar Ship has a disaster relief contract to deliver critical cargo to areas in need in and around Burundi. Canada invented the concept of peacekeeping so Solar Ship is working with retired Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) General André Deschamps and his top test and training pilot Col. Tim Shopa who is charged with developing the testing of the Caracal for the mission and the training of local disaster relief partners in central Africa.

Wolverine Air Trucking - Short Haul, Mid Size

Payloadmin. 5,000 kg, able to carry a 20-foot shipping container
Rangemin. 500 km
STOL Able to takeoff and land on pavement, dirt, grass, mud, water.

The purpose of the Wolverine is to provide cargo service, linking a remote region to a hub.

The operating focus is central Africa and Canada's north. Solar Ship was developing an air trucking platform for Canada's north; however, the Canadian government canceled its support for northern Canadian entrepreneurs in early 2015. Solar Ship has arranged new international financing which broadens the mission to include Canada, Africa, and China. The Wolverine starts as an air trucking machine able to connect central Africa with globally linked hubs. Col. Tim Shopa leads the testing of the Wolverine for the mission and the training of local partners in Africa, China and northern Canada.

Nanuq Air Trucking - Long Haul, Large Loads

Payloadmin. 30,000 kg
Rangemin. 2,000 km

The purpose of the Nanuq is to provide a large payload cargo service, linking different remote regions to each other and to global ports.

The operating focus is connecting the remote areas of Canada, Africa, China, and Australasia. With strong operating partners in each area and well defined requirements, the Nanuq is not yet built, but the concept is well developed. The Caracal and Wolverine provide the engineering and operating knowledge to start developing the Nanuq in 2017.